General Questions

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What service does this site provide?

What happens if the site crashes?

I already have a traditional logbook…how can I copy it over?

Can I just transfer the column-totals over from my previous logbook?

What about instructor endorsements?

Can I customize columns?


Pre-registration Questions

How much is it for this service?

There are many free logbook sites…why should I pay?

Hmmm…can I try it out for free first?

What happens after registering?

What happens if I'm not a subscriber by the end of the trial period?


Post-registration Questions

Okay I'm registered…what now?

In the columns settings page, what's an Aircraft-Attribute?

In the column settings page, what does Hide do?

In the column settings page, what does setting a default-value to "=DUR" do?

How do I enter time values?

What does "Invalid session-state" error message mean?

I've upgraded to PIC. What do I have to do?


Subscription Questions

Will the subscription rate ever increase?

What's a base-rate?

What happens if I allow my subscription to lapse?

Do I get anything for referring someone else?


CCS User Questions

I do not see the Add New»CCS menu entry.

I'd like to log an aircraft sub-model separately?

New aircraft type added to fleet. How do I set it up?

I've moved from Express to CAL. How do I set it up?

I want the CCS import feature to save the crew name…but rather not see it when I view my logbook?

Any way to store the flight block-out and in times?

Sometimes when requesting data from CCS - the browser stops. What now?

Sometimes when requesting data from CCS - the browser doesn't make any progress (no green), but it seems to be busy. What now?

Why is the logbook account limited to only one user?

What happened to Expressjet Final-Pay-Register downloads?


Sabre CrewTrac User Questions

I'm registered and logged in right now - how do I set up my account?

What's the preferred report page to upload?