Software History

2013.01.06 Secure SSL connections.
2012.07.25 [Delta] Support for Delta Air Lines iCrew accounts.
2011.08.01 [XJT] Support for Sked+ ExpressJet users.
2010.01.17 [CCS User] Support for final-pay-register upload/paste for Expressjet users.
2009.03.01 [NWA User] Support for Northwest Airlines ATLAS users.
2008.12.04 [CCS User] Compatible with recent CCS login changes.
2007.05.04 On Add-Entry page, multiple blank rows can be added (Firefox only).
           On Add-Entry page, warning to SAVE after 30 minutes.
2006.12.20 Support for Sabre Crewtrac scheduling software.
           Requires Crewtrac account registration.
2006.11.30 [CCS User] Bug-fix - During pay-register imports, legs crossing
           the month (carry in/out), stored incorrectly. Fixed.
2006.10.03 [CCS User] Bug-fix - for pairings that straddle across months, legs
           flown in the later month stored as earlier. E.g. 09/29/06 - 10/02/06,
           legs for 10/01 to 10/02 will be stored as 09/01-09/02. Fixed.
2006.08.18 [CCS User] CAL aircraft n-number expansion. Some aircrafts still missing.
2006.08.03 After adding/editing entry, when returning to browse-page - 
           just added entry page is displayed.
2006.07.30 New time display format - h.d (round-nearest).
           Rounds first 3 minutes of 1/10th of an hour down and the remaining up.
           Go to Settings.
2006.07.25 [CCS User] Final-Pay-Register import.
2006.05.10 Trial mode limited to 3 months or 100 entries - whichever comes first.
2006.04.29 CCS User - download pairing information by proxy.
2006.04.16 Improved browse page navigation and get confirmation window on deleting entries.
2006.03.18 Can upload entire logbook in Excel .csv file format.
2006.01.03 Can upload and use personal images as logbook backgrounds.
2005.12.12 Microsoft Excel (.csv file) format reports.
2005.12.07 Can specify a watermark image for the report pages (see pdfSettings).
2005.10.27 Adobe Acrobat (.pdf file) format reports.
2005.10.10 Search feature added.
2005.09.17 Production release.
2005.09.05 Initial BETA release.